Sunday, December 02, 2007

Whe de asse...whe de mas? - Ashraph

A Carnival Art Band

Richard Ramsaran (Ashraph) has been working on a show that is related to the state of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. This is his band launch set for the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in February 2008. Mr. Ramsaran has approached the subject with a panache we can call totally kitsch with puns on contemporary carnival designers. He has used materials such as paper, wire, beads, feathers and glitter purchased from the King of Carnival suppler, Samaroos in Port of Spain, not China to produce the miniature costumes. All of his work are for sale, in many sections of cause. Ashraph has also casted in Papier-mâché the shape of an urn, and it acts as the body for his blue devils. His small kraft Paper bags are covered with glitter and layered with colours are his exclusive mas pieces that are not cheap, and they are also all inclusive with special dainties for the buyer.

Ashraph has played with the concept of deconstruction, and the fluidity of movement made from
Papier-mâché plates to describe the traditional Carnival characters such as Bat and Fancy sailor dance. He has clearly streamlined his pieces which the nuances represent an informal take on the characters. A Jab Jab to him could be a simply mesh wire enclosed by a feather boa, with the shape of a heart at the centre. To add to the piece, small bells are attached.

An exhibition of recent works, Whe de asse...whe de mas- Richard Ramsaran proposed for the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad, West Indies. Please note the dates are not officially confirmed.

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