Monday, December 10, 2007

A draftsman's dream

Where to plant de apple tree Mr. Prime Minster?

The artist behind this masterpiece has taken his cue from Frank O. Gehry to match his design of the Guggenheim museum in Spain. This version is the schematic painting of a house to be built or which already has on the streets of Port of Spain.

The draftsman has taken his time to ensure that the calculations of the building is precise at every angle. However, there is a steep incline to the car port. The artist may be incapable of finding the infinity point where his perspective has been skewed, but it is his patients with the outlines that brings the very best of his penmanship.

It should be noted that the aesthetics in architecture in Trinidad and Tobago has
shifted to accommodate the trends in homes designed for colder climates. The finest example may be the new residence to the Prime Minster in its garishness and taste that lacks anything other than Caribbean. It a sample where architects foresee profit over the aesthetics of a place, and where owners are inadequate in their identity.

A wall painting for a hardware store,
Barataria, Trinidad, W. I

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