Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smokey and Bunty is Burning

Only those who are true to themselves in oddity or in spectacle shall be remembered

Wit girl wit boy within my big truck and I looking for a man who could really wok it, come le we jam it, come le we rock it....A few need permission to lick down in yuh bam bam and fire wit protection.......
everybody wok it, wok it wok it.....

For those of you who are familiar with the film Paris is Burning, it dealt with the subject of Voguing out of the New York dance scene in the 1990s. The dance is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry and should be executed gracefully with a fluid-like action.

But here on the streets of St. James, Trinidad and Tobago, in the front entrance of Smoky and Bunty, two Soca voguers are at it in competition. Prancing, drinking, back wining, flipping and arguing to a crowd quite subdued, yet entertained enough to stay for a while.

So relax, watch and learn the dance moves on youtube and say to yourself, Dat eh hard, and then asked yourself, can a man wine better than a woman?

With elections in the air and a sense of uncertainty reaching a fever pitch, it was nice to see some people having a good time on a Saturday nignt. It reminded me that there is much more to life than worry. It is so easy to get caught up in negative feelings and let it overwhelm you. When this happens you only want to stay indoors and let the worry feed on your person.

This short film reminds us what Trinidad is all about. Of cause there are those who say that 'alyuh does play de fool all de time and doh take tings seriously!" may be so, but sometimes we must take back our old values. In this instance, a fun evening of dance, music, good food and drink. For a moment we forget the bomb scares and the murder toll. We are not placing our heads in the proverbial sand and saying that we do not know what scares us. Far from it. instead we are saying, take back what we love because really, if things were better' this is what we would want to do with our time anyway. Have a bit of fun. - Adele

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Anonymous said...

Its only love, what's the big deal? You live your life and they live theirs...


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