Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Martins at School Street Carenage

A old bus as a Bar, Martins near School Street, Carenage

Since Eric Willians, sometime in the 1960s, Martins has been in operation. The owner, a quaint hostess describes the place as a tourist attraction but not as one of the more popular bars from Carenage.
It is of cause a converted bus with red seats that run along the side. The large port windows are burglar-proof in the shape of hearts and wrought iron chairs covered with red upholstery are set along black tables. Christmas lights loop from post to post, and the interior of bus is decorated with an assortment of newspaper clippings and pinups of popular local celebrities.

Today, the bar has its regular customers just after a laborious day of construction. Three middle aged men sit and discuss about owning a piece of land, and about its importance. Money could done, but land remain for generations. They speak about education, and fondly of Eric Willians, the first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago still believing he is alive somewhere.

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