Saturday, October 13, 2007

Landscapes in Abstaction - Mario Averbe Gonzalez

Like attracts Like
At the Pixel Print Gallery in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, the owner Gregory Scott has expanded his gallery which first began as a showcase for his digital prints. Pixel Prints has exhibited a number of artists since its conception in 2006. This month, a Columbian painter is on show.

Mario Averbe Gonzalez primarily is an abstract painter and his figurative motifs are defused from landscapes. At least four paintings incorporate a popular scene taken here from Trinidad and Tobago. One includes the bamboo patch in Chaguramas.

Pixel Print has a relatively small viewing space but Mr. Gonzalez's paintings are strong enough to separate themselves from each other. By this, he has trained himself to contain hues of colour in each piece. What his paintings lack are blacks. Nevertheless,they are clean, unintentional in their content and undiluted, yet they represent some sort of pleasing visual vista. Hence the painters Sarah Beckett or Isaiah James Boodhoo come to mine.

Mario Averbe Gonzalez at the Pixel Print galley in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago. The exhibition runs until the 17th, October 2007. Lower photograph, Mario Averbe Gonzalez with Sarah Beckett, courtesy of Gregory Scott

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