Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where ever you go, I shall be a part of you

Love beyond the physical world

This young man, on special occasions carries a small glass vial around his neck. What it contains is the ash from a special friend to him, and it is in memory of a man who lived on the very edge of life, but then death intervened.

It has more than a year since the untimely motorcycling death in Trinidad and Tobago of Gilles Budin, the tattoo artist who operated Tattoo Farm is still remembered with kindness and perplexity. The manner in which he was killed stills remains a mystery to most. But
truth generally finds its way to the surface, and all scenarios will finally rest.

And with a wash of the drifters, wannabes and other transparent characters, Tattoo Farm had downsized but still manages to keep afloat after Gillies' absence. The young man speaks quite fondly of him and as he showed a tattoo of a beetle and an ancient tradition Indian Totem symbol inked on his upper biceps by the Frenchman himself, his voiced buckled with sorrow, as he knows that somewhere in the ether, Gillies' spirit is close to his heart.

From an universal email at his passing: Terry and I went to the hospital last night and stayed with him until he passed. It was just so fucking peaceful. It actually was spiritual, pure bliss. He received the wings he so desperately desired at 12.25 am.13th. May 2006 and everything around became full of joy, quiet and urgency disappeared. The moon came out in Macquariepe and a whisper of a breeze made the flame of the lone candle burn bright. It was pure love. (The writer of this message is not the person described in this post)


Anonymous said...

This is a great story and a mystery will never die. In time all will be revealed and the truth will come out of it's bottle.

LMN said...

Gilles was so much kicks. He did a tiny tattoo on the inside of my wrist for me, and the entire time he was trying to talk me into doing something large across my body; according to him my tiny tattoo was a waste of time & ink. Years afterwards, he said mine was one of his favourite tattoos to ink because I really knew what I wanted... God Bless him wherever he is.

LMN Harris.


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