Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday at the President's grounds

On the average Saturday and Sunday in Trinidad there is a ritual that plays forth where the invited do something called 'dollzing up' to go to a wedding.

As long as people get married in Port-of-Spain and environs, there is the mandatory stop at the Botanical Gardens. For those of us in a rush to get into St. Anns and Cascade after two in the afternoon, there is always traffic as people double and triple park. They completely forget driving courtesy in deference to the wedding party.

Here many drivers also forget that they had other intentions as they crane their necks to glimpse "Who gettin' marrid?" It is always a sight to see ladies dressed identically in the two colour choice of the moment. A pink and peach or a lilac and taupe, a pink and silver or a yellow and pale blue.

Men are not outshone, as we have seen them dressed from fedora hat to shoes in deepest blue,or burgandy or chocolate brown tailor made suits, and the tailor is usually not Bradford but a friend called Mr. Wellington or Jerry and today, the 'gangsta style' of oversized clothes are creeping into the wedding scene
with men wearing zoot suit come gangsta trousers loping precariously over patent leather shoes, sometimes aflame with bling on fingers, chest and in a wide smile. The weddings are very special. You see delicate women and children manouvering in new shoes of every colour and style. The neck craners adding sound by others impatience to move on. The day is always lovely, a cool breeze wafts positively in the direction of people in love and family in joy of the day, and as we drive away we always say, may they be blessed with love and the relationship grow strong, as we remember our own parking on the lawn to beat the sunset to get that special picture in the park. - Adele

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