Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bakery Art

A rock cake for meh grandson to break up he teet

Pastry shops in Trinidad and Tobago are quaint places. I am sure that they do not set out to be that way, but it became inevitable when parents, particularly women began to make their demands felt regarding their children's taste. You will always see the following, hopsbread, current rolls, pigs in a blanket, beef pies, custard creams and pink and white icing cup cakes. The larger cakes are another matter. Whatever is the Hollywood action character and Disney character of the day is on offer in the most psychodelic shades of colour. There are also the standby Elmo, Barbie and Barney. Just writing that makes your teeth hurt. The colours are so vivid you question whether they are legal or whether they are filled with number 2 dye!

However, these are ready made cakes and confections and we all know how long it takes to make something like that from scratch. Gone are the days when women would scoff at buying a ready-made cake, they are now mandatory for the very busy family. When you stand in line at the bakery is another matter. People are always buying hops, white or wholewheat bread, and you can bet that you are going to hear what they cost once upon a time when life was simpler. The size, taste and texture of what they used to be like makes you almost put back what you are buying today, as todays hops do not measure up at all. In fact you are told by older people that they are now half the size and twice the cost. That is progress and inflation for you. - Adele

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