Thursday, September 20, 2007

Art imitating life - Adele Todd - Paradise

Man's ingenuity to do ill, show the art of it

The newspaper clipping showing a device to kidnap and restrain victims would have never been considered as art until the front page came across Adele Todd. A year after the newspaper article, Ms. Todd in 2003 collaborated with South African, Lisa Brice in a show titled Paradise at former Caribbean Contemporary Arts gallery, CCA7 in Trinidad, West Indies. The themes were to show how the Caribbean island had changed by the sudden increase in crime. Ms. Todd approached the subject by reconstructing the Kidnap Box. (shown below)

Recently, an unknown crime to Trinidad, it had escalated into an alarming rate. She created two confining constructions based on the actual plywood boxes seized by the Trinidad police. The idea of being restrained in such a device she said, was discomforting and frightening.

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