Friday, July 06, 2007

A smoker's campaign

There are many small grocer shops located on the curb off streets across Trinidad and Tobago. It is a place were you could pick up a small item like a Newspaper or have a quick breakfast of gizzard and hops. They also sell cigarettes and when you get the smoker's urge for nicotine you can purchase a single fag to quell your addiction. These are kept in a small clear bottle.

Advertiser tend to market tobacco in a sophisticated way, it is always shown as glamorous or sheik. And like the seductiveness and pleasures surrounding smoking, there are painting signs that depict a woman in a black short skirt, a man in a tuxedo or as illustrated, a nude woman cantering on the beach at sunset attached to outer wood rafters or nailed to the concrete walls of these shops. see thebookmann's header taken from one of these signs.

This is a cigarette campaign that uses large airbrushed work on aluminum. They are a series of the envisioned Black Gold's lifestyle smoker.
- thebookmann

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