Thursday, July 05, 2007

School uniforms - Trinidad and Tobago

Between the classes
For most school children, this week ends the term and begins the two month summer holiday. In Trinidad and Tobago, there are a number of school uniforms that similar in suit but are distinctly different from each other.

The school uniforms follow a simple guideline. A blouse with a pleated skirt, a shirt jack with trousers. The emblem is printed on the upper pocket of the shirt.

The following is a sample from a private school in Trinidad. - thebookmann


  • Khaki skirt (please note that skirts are to be hemmed no more than three inches above mid-knee)
  • White or Blue Oxford shirt with school logo
  • Blue or black leather shoes
  • Navy blue or black belts


  • Khaki trousers
  • White or Blue Oxford shirt with school logo
  • Blue or black leather shoes
  • Navy, blue, black or white sports shoes (sneakers) and white or black socks
  • Navy blue or black belts

Note: Girls and boys with pierced ears may wear one pair of stud earrings only. Excessive or distracting jewelry, make-up or nail polish is not permitted.

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BarbadosInFocus / PictureInFocus said...

Good old school days…I can still remember my Khaki pants and shirt. Then when I was in 3rr or 4th form I got to wear grey slacks and a white shirt (usually a bush-jacket).

Boys in Barbados cannot wear earrings to school, period.

Good post…


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