Monday, July 02, 2007

Ice cream man and his informer

At the corner of Crystal Stream and Morne Coco Road in Diego Martin, Trinidad, a home-made ice cream vendor is set up next to a fruit and vegetables stall. TEAM'S ice cream has been in business for many years says the young man, It began as a family run venture and still is.

Teams has his run ins with celebrities, and one such personality is, Saucy Wow, Denise Belfon. His ice cream is capable of enticing and satisfying the entertainer. The weekends are generally the busiest time, and most often there are a line of people waiting patiently for a cone or tub of sour sup, rum and raisin, or Guinness ice cream. But on this evening, an informer tells him about the intentions of a particular fellar who it courting his sister. The informer is best described as a small wiry man. There is a short transcript.

Ice cream man: So what you know about he?

He, he does smoke weed heavy and like yeh sister bad. He does tell she how he like she so and he good and like Church. He want to settle down and have child, I know dem all does say dat because I know he want to fock she.

Ice cream man snickers to this remarks, but in a serious way, he still focuses on the question on the suitor's intentions.

Ice cream man: So what do you tell she about he?

Informer: She, she does cuss meh out big, and she say she know he. But I finish with dat telling she about he, all I know he like she and I eh getting involved, nah.

Please note that the phrase, "she known he" may imply that the couple may be sexually involved, it was stressed by the man's softer timbre and hesitation.

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