Sunday, July 08, 2007

By my rules

This is Liz and Lincoln's mini mart located in Aranguez, Trinidad and Tobago. Liz and Lincoln have strict rules laided out for their customers by a permit painted in a decorative script. Around the curb where the building is located, a hand painted posting reads; No Liming (loitering) No smoking (we are speaking of weed here) and No sitting which may be directed to vagrants who may just want to rest or sleep on the pavement close by.

The mart has an unusual wall painting of a relief stone wall. Generally, the stones are varnished once they are set in the concrete, but the artist has reproduced the facade (two-dimensionally) in a lime green palette. The lion is the emblem of the store which may indicate that both Liz and Lincoln are Rastafarians. See another
Rastafarian wall painting in the same vicinity as thebookmann's header -thebookmann

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