Friday, May 25, 2007

The Millennium series - Four

Plato came to his surprising philosophy of two worlds;
the world of ideas, strong and perfect as the world of geometry, and the world of things. Before a man is born, his soul lives in a world of ideas and afterwards doing mathematics he simply remembers what his soul has learned in a world of ideas.

Greek ethics were embodied in four virtues: Courage, meaning physical and moral bravery;
Temperance, in the sense of nothing too much, or as Pericles put it, "Our love of what is beautiful does not lead us to extravagance" Justice, which meant rendering to each person what was due; and Wisdom, the pursuit of truth.

The philosopher Hsun Tzu from the Chou dynasty believed that Rites rest on three bases: Heaven, earth, and ancestors. Rites are at their best when men's emotions and sense of beauty are fully expressed.

A series of 12 layouts from a project called the Millennium Diary deigned, written and published in 1998. It consisted of illustrations and quotes to describe our brief existence, that is from the time-tine on this planet. -thebookmann & Adele

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