Sunday, May 06, 2007

A journey to the past – Berlin part 1

If I knew my future to be so grim, I would have acted my life with compassion

If you look closely at the wall behind the heaps of dilapidated cars and trucks, you will notice some graffiti spray painted onto the concrete slabs. The wall in question is the west side of the Berlin Wall.

It is strange when you lack a history of a place or its customs how insignificant things appear to be. If your were able to see the other side, there is a clear pathway or the
death strip between the fence and concrete wall where once Germans were shot trying to escape by the blood of their very own kind.

These are photographs taken in 1994 and at a time the united cities of East and West were in a feverish hast to reform a New Berlin to somehow erase their troubled past. The marking that once controlled and divided both cities are lines seamlessly drawn. - thebookmann

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Anonymous said...

I would have guessed 'Port of Spain today', until I read the caption.


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