Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cinderella’s fairytale - Trinidad Vogue

Utopia: Here is a simple man dreaming to what could be.

From the look of things, this is a man’s castle or a four metal panel gate to the front of his home. Either he is in a delusional state, or it is a mirage on the Eastern main road, Trinidad and Tobago.

Behind the fortress of red brick from who ever, whatever references that compelled the Knights of the Round Table to be in session and declared by creed, a commissioned replica of their castle to the owner’s at the address above.

A Robin Hood act of kindness

The artist "K. Frietune" has painted a mural from the tip of his sword and produced a work filled with dungeons, dragons and all hidden in the moot. And from behind this buttress, a vista of splendid gardens with not too well manicured shaped trees bloom. A tower with the national flag of his birth is raised and his home is beatified by a flock of egrets returning to the Caroni swamp. On closer examination of this gate painting, the chateau’s left side is installed with a wooden drawbridge built much higher than the main lower entrance doors. This indiscretion may cause the king to be awaken by flooding.

Who knows what goes on behind this gate in Cinderella’s fairytale and where the rainbow ends in a pot of brass, yet a man is free to dream to his heart's content. - thebookmann

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