Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oral Traditions - Douens? in Sangre Grande

This unusual wall painting is situated in Sangre Grande, Trinidad. The paintings of the three short tick individuals with large straw hats look like the folklore character called Douens. And rather than overlooking your front garden, these three Spanish inhabitants are overlooking a village that is presumably Sangre Grande.

lurk on the fringes of your garden and call out to your unattended children to come out and play. Douen are one of the many colourful yet frightening folklore characters from Trinidad and Tobago and are the result of children who have died before they have been baptized.

have a distinguishing deformity as their feet are backwards. This is to cover their tracks as they lure children into the forest and get them lost. These stocky creatures are faceless with the exception of having a mouth to eat their favourite food, land crab.

Oral traditions in folklore are used to scare children and to place some order of obedience

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Anonymous said...

this is a reproduction of a very popular and a classic oil painting from venezuela
title los 3 comisarios -the three sheriff- from hector poleo.
H├ęctor Poleo, 1918-1989
Tres comisarios, 1942
Oleo sobre tela
90 x 70 cm
national art gallerie caracas

you can find it here


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