Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Minds wrapped with twirlling concepts - Damien Hirst

Playing the God of Art

The painting above belongs to the British artist, Damien Hirst and it is a combination of his earlier paintings where the artist twirled oil paint onto a rotating wheel to form a psychedelic canvas disk. He also used the Blue Morpho butterfly to encrust it into the work.

In a few hours, the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, California will open its doors to collectors, art curators and c
ritics and to Hirst's exhibition entitled Superstition. What is intriguing from these painting is Hirst's use of geometric patterns which he has constructed a mandala. The sacred symbol has a beauty which many artisans have used to create the physical representation in the likeness of God. Hirst shows this concept through his cathedral like stain glass rose window paintings. See the related post on Damien Hirst work on auction at Sotheby's

Geometric patterns constructed as a mandala used in Artbooks
The science behind these mathematical patterns shows that it has a calming and mystifying affect on the mind. It also transcends a beauty that can't be explained. Since 2000, the bookman has produced a series of handmade Artbooks using these complex geometric patterns.

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