Monday, February 12, 2007

A Flag Woman Helps Out

Panorama is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s national treasures and it is the core of energy that pumps the spirit in all of us at Carnival.

What makes Trinidad and Tobago a wonderful island is often expressed by our warmness towards visitors to the country. No more was it prevalent at the Panorama Steelband preliminaries at the Queen’s park Savannah, and by a Flag Woman who gently showed a young girl the way to play the lead Flag Woman for Lee Chong's Pan Glow steelband.

The girl took control of the large black flag and began to wave it with great zeal and self-confidence . Many bystanders just looked on in silent amusement as the she tried her best to choreograph the flag with her own interpretation of the Caribbean whine. Unfortunately her attempt was far from sync to the pulsating rhythms of the steel drums. But after a few clumsy twirls and sharp swings that had people dodging for cover, she had to relinquish the flag pole to one of the two Flag girls who gently showed her how it should be done correctly.

The two Flag Women from Lee Chong's Pan Glow " Pan From Space" at the periphery of the Savannah just practicing before "Beating". Flag Women and Men accompany their Steelbands and trot and whine along the edges of the Grand Stand in perfect unison and timing.

Antidote: I looking for a Panman means I am looking at Carnival time for a black man to have sex with. Beating: Playing on stage.

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