Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plantu visite les Trinité-et-Tobago

Le cerveau, le coeur, la main

From the brain, the heart and to the hand, a French cartoonist presents a humorous and entertaining hour on the art of parody, politics and the dynamics of his illustrations that cover the pages of Le Monde newspaper.

Jean Plantureux (Plantu) is the guest speaker at the interAmericas space, CCA7 in Port of Spain. The room is filled with a mix of Trinidadians and French expatriates and they are here to see Plantu work his magic with transparencies and felt pens using a overhead projector. The cartoonist is known for his satirical puns on world politics and is touring the regions of Alliance Fraçaise throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Although Plantu parodies politicians, he is able to separate the person from their political position and his aim is not to be disrespectful an any way. This is in the hope that they would see the humour behind the puns, and that the sarcasm is a result of their actions as a whole.

Sex is generally used as an antidote and his caricatures are never overlooked in the public eye. An example was the caricature of the French President which Plantu drew with a less than flattering penis. The minuscule detail was frowned upon politically.

Plantu showed a few poignant works depicting the States of Palestine and Israel. He illustrated his precarious adventure by a light-hearted drawing of a bullet-ridden van packed with armed guards with gun barrels extending out the window noting that he was one of the passengers. This was in the effort to bridge both countries by a gesture of unity, recognition and by Art. In the end, Plantu was able to have the drawing signed by both heads of State.

So what is Plantu's take on Trinidad and Tobago from his brief visit? He is warmed over by our music and the flag.

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