Monday, January 08, 2007

360 Degrees - Queen's Park Savannah

The Governor of Trinidad, Sir Ralph

The Queen's Park Savannah was purchased by Sir Ralph Woodford in 1816 from two parcels of land belonging to the heirs of Mime Peschier. This formed the Paradise Estate comprising of 232 acres of land.

Peasants and creoles at the day of horse racing

The video is a glimpse of the Savannah's beauty and of its size. It is the site where at carnival masqueraders cross the Grand Stand stage and where often you can get cold nuts meaning fresh coconut water from vendors parked around it. By car, the large open land takes about three to four minutes to complete or forty five minutes or less by foot, depending on how fit your are. The road that circles the
Savannah is considered by Trinidadians as the world's largest roundabout.

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