Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Retro Series- Sunjet house BWIA your kind of people

Mister, yuh ca fit that boombox in the overhead compartment

"Where else in the World could you see smiles like that? Only in the Caribbean. We’re proud of our Caribbean beauties. But handsome is as handsome does. Our girls aren’t just highly decorative, they are very competent, well trained hostesses who know how to make sure that your trip is an experience you’ll remember…. This goes for all our staff, from the reservations clerk who write out your ticket to the Captain in charge of your sleek, smooth-flying 707 Sunjet. We’re your kind of people. We know what you want from an airline. Dependability, Service Punctuality, Friendliness, Delicious meals."

This 1972 BWIA print Ad shows a classic portrayal of the ethnicity in every race represented in Trinidad and Tobago. Black, White, Yellow and Brown. In a couple of decades, the blend of these peoples will have an ethnicity of their own called TRINIDADIAN. Tobago by that time will be annexed and independence.

Many travelers on BWIA fondly remember of being home as soon as they entered the cabin. It was as if your family or friends had come to greet you. Then there were the antics from two eccentric hostesses named Bobby and Gay. Passengers were entertained by their false fang teeth and plastic lips. And as the Captain banked his plane over the northern range, and over to the Caroni plains, we knew we were safety home as it skimmed over the swaying coconut trees and rusty old galvanize roofs at the edge of the runway.

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