Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Caribbean Blues

Mother Earth being revitalized by the sea

This wall painting represents the idyllic paradise called, Mayaro. The artist has made the effort to show the contentment he feels about his country. The painting is expressed by the three Trinity hills which in 1492, Christopher Columbus proclaimed the island as Trinidad. The muralist has a childlike imagination as he portrays
Mother Earth carved from a mountain at the mouth of the Ortoire river. She is being cooled down by the cascading waterfall which descends from her well pressed hair.

In retrospect, the painting is a sample of the website's mandate, and where the bookmann has instigated street art as a legitimate form of Art in Trinidad and Tobago. As 2007 approaches, Tobago is on the next list and the bookman and Adele look forward to explore other places beyond these shores. We also realised that the bookman is taken very seriously and gauging by Google, the blog's position shows its importance and relevancy in the world of Art along with the responsibility that goes with it. For this we are very thankful. - thebookmann
When the bookman started out, the objective was to find a home for images that would eventually lead to a book called The Trinidad Aesthetic. In 2007, the bookman's objective remains the same, to put a coffee table book together of all of the images we see that encourage the question, what is Trinidadian taste, style, habit and culture. We look forward to continuing to bring interest, humour, debate and challenge to those who come across this site.

We also endeavour to continue to look beyond the beaten path in every way. As we have this year in the discovery of a prolific street artist, an over the top sculptor, a young graffiti artist, and all of the unsung heroes of the street trying to make a decent living and making our country the unique place that it is. We also continue to write about artists and other issues of interest, as we endeavour to give art and culture a place where the analysis shall be more about looking and seeing, experiencing and exposure. To all our viewers, even those who say they don't really look at the site- all the very best for 2007 we shall continue to influence the art world in the Caribbean. - Adele

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