Friday, December 22, 2006

The killer; The internet; The Artist

The discovered My Space profile of the alledged serial killer in England who was recently apprehended by British police has brought up many questions about expression. Some how it made me think of all people, the British Artist Damien Hirst. Mr. Hirst is known for his preoccupation with death. The images from My Space taken by Mr. Stephens make a chilling example of what artists may want to look at for future shows. My Space has the sort of appeal that is completely open to artists to use as a device of their art, but moreso,with so much exhibitionism by people from all walks of life and spectra, who is to say that more of this strangeness will not inevitably filter into artwork in the very near future.

The Chinese curse, “May you have an interesting Life.” Seems to be the modus operandi of our world today. In the 1990’s we had war as televised. Today we have serial killer and pedophiles as televised. - Adele

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