Thursday, December 28, 2006

All I want for Christmas is a piece of pork

"All I want for Christmas is a piece of pork"....from a Christmas melody from Trinidad and Tobago

Freshly killed Pork, Trinidad and Tobago

This is what we Trinidadians call, ah going to the country and people who live in these rural areas make a living by selling home grown vegetables and fruits from wooden sheds along the roadside. Normally, the stalls are unattended and you have to call out or honk your horn to get any attendance.
At the junction to Valencia, Trinidad, on such vendor is Mary who sells a variety of homemade pepper sauces and local seasoning called Rooco. This is used to brown any type of meats especially at this festive time where fresh pork is the specialty of the day.

A traditional method of cooking and preparing Ham is to boil the meat in a pitch-oil tin outside in the yard. There is also the method of burying the pork in sand wrapped with fig leaves and covered over with hot stones in a deep pit. The pork takes several hours to cook.

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