Thursday, November 16, 2006

A lawnmower cut

Rude's Gallery.....Where we care about how you look

This one is such a gem that I am sure that I possibly left smoke marks on the page, I was writing so fast. Alright, first of all, this painting is by someone who definitely thinks of himself as an Artist with a capital ‘A’. Secondly, he or she has put their name at the bottom of the painting and they are very pleased with their technical painting skills and belief that they understand human anatomy.

The typography is out of this world! Is the artist assuming that it will be read? Rude’s Gallery for the best in barbering and hairdressing then inside the frame, Rude’s Gallery and in quotes,” Where we care about how you look.” RG is serious! Can’t you see the initials on the front of his apron? It is the only part that is not affected by folds. But did he or she care about how the sign really looks? I cannot get over the person in the barber’s chair brown knuckling his way through a haircut that looks more like a lawnmower cut than something that is being handled skilfully. But not only the client is grimacing, the barber is also biting his lower lip, but then that may concentration, and in that case, I’m sorry dear Artist for poking fun at that. That is likely genuine. - Adele

A wall painting of a Barbering shop, note the detail in the blue apron, Diego Martin, Trinidad, West Indies.

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Anonymous said...

very cubo-futurist (the painting)


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