Monday, November 20, 2006

The Knight and I

A knight with a pair of scissors

As images go this one is up there in the shaking ones head with wonder signage. A knight is stabbing with a Barber’s shears at the hair of a woman, lopping off several inches of it. I recall seeing Sesame Street’s version of Rapunzel. That was funny and endearing. This image is also endearing in its own way. Thought had to go into calling your establishment Hair Knights. Exactly why is unclear to me. But I like that the hair knights wear full armour including capes to do their job. I suppose that to cut hair is a swash buckling affair. I can just imagine all of the planning and preparation that went into the typography and the image. The people involved thought about their wanting to attract attention. But what kind? This is a small business on the Eastern Main Road, Trinidad, West Indies so people glance over at this sign without even realizing what it actually is. - Adele

A small hair salon on the Eastern Main Road, Trinidad, West Indies

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