Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Remember thy fallen heroes

Whatever a Nation sacrifices for itself - A greater Nation will emerge

The 1939-1945
King George VI Star awarded to nationals who served during British Empire

Memorial Park in Port of Spain, Trinidad honouring the death from both World Wars. The Winged Victory holds a wreath at the crown of the Monument.

What would Trinidadians truly fight for? The abolishment of carnival, the ban on roti and red sweet drink or the protection of freedoms and rights of the individual entrenched in our constitution? The War Monument at the
Memorial Park stands in honour to those who gave their lives during World Wars I and II. During the day, school children march up and down the park and at carnival, masqueraders rest on the grass just before entering the Grand Stand. And on those wet days, young boys enjoy a game of football as they battle each other in sweat in front of the monument. But are they unmindful of those young men who endured bleaker conditions in the trenches across Europe, and give their lives so that we would be free.

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