Monday, October 09, 2006

Celebrating its first anniversary - thebookmann

The Bookman celebrates

The idea to cover underground art in Trinidad and Tobago led to the creation of the blogspot, thebookmann. This was the desire to find a home for our ideas, and the bookman endeavours to continue to ask the question, what is art in Trinidad and Tobago? What is culture, what is the Trinidad aesthetic? Since its inception, we have seen others take up our concern, and that has proven thebookmann’s influence. However we could not do what we do without the people who make the site possible and so we will like to thank all of the people we have met in our travels who were so kind and forthcoming with information about how work was made, by whom, the materials used and in many instances, the purpose.

Ours is a desire to have those of you who seek out this site, know that our major interest is to enlighten, to encourage thought and even a slice of humour to what is seen and sometimes a needed pong where necessary. We also are looking at montaging and collaging what we see to make high what is considered low art.

The bookman blog is the result of Public Art from the bookmann website, and since then it has documented some interesting public Art in the most unusual places throughout Trinidad. The bookman has also influenced how artists view their work in Trinidad and Tobago, and it has opened the door where obscure street art is now being examined as a form of Contemporary Art making. The blog is the source of Art for International readers, and thus it places the importance in viewing Trinidad and Tobago in a accurate light without any political bias. On behalf of thebookmann, Adele and Stuart, we wish to thank you. See the post of the year.

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