Friday, September 08, 2006

In Search Of Abigail Hadeed

The catalogue, Trees Without Roots

Abigail Hadeed is a photo journalist, and her exhibition at CCA7,
Trees Without Roots stems from her observations related to the Black Experience from Central America and the Caribbean diaspora. The photographer comforts her subjects, as she captures a moment where poverty is dissipated by individuals of just being themselves. And here, the innocence is seen amidst the mounts of hardship and social neglect.

A show that required a subtle view as each photograph had a story to tell in its atmosphere and intimacy.

Whether the InterAmericas Space was appropriate for these small black and white prints,
Abigail Hadeed' work looked frigid and motionless at times. She also had too many prints in the show and the photographs were simply lost in the sequence. A Tree Without Roots' intention was to tell a story, if only the space was smaller to give the intimacy each photograph needed. The photographs were dwarfed in the gallery.

Nevertheless, Hadeed continues her to study as a traveling Caribbean storyteller whose vision is firmly placed on
a social commentary related to environs which surrounds her, but is detached from exposing any part of herself.

Four digital enlargements that appear to lacked the quality of resolution for a photographic exhibition. If these sepia printouts were of a finer caliber, they may have been more successful. Trees Without Root, CCA7, Trinidad

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