Sunday, September 17, 2006

Biblical Scripture + Plumbing

But he could paint good boy

A cafe with many affirmations, Barataria, Trinidad

The Artist who painted these Rastafarian icons on a cafe called Love Rasa's Cafe is in jail for drug offenses says a man who walked up a introduced himself as an acquaintance to the piper. (Piper in Trinidad means someone who is a drug addict) But he could paint good boy.

“We’re but only human, Its probably best to accept the status of being mad, when the sanity of those who are not may well be the madness ….one should fear the most,”

This was man who proclaimed his repentance and salvation and also forewarned his brothers not to follow in his footsteps. His verse is covered over by a black board, but can be faintly read. It speaks about sex and the hardship of having Aids, but also questioned what madness really means in world of ignorance and inhumanity.

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