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Discover Trinidad and Tobago's Culture - Coffee Table

Alex Smailes' cover of the Blue Devil Mas

Over the years books on photography have been rare and expensive to produce. With improved technology and larger markets, many more books are now out in bookstores. One remembers the work of Noel Norton, but recently, there have been the art of Jackie Hinkson and LeRoy Clarke. Now the work of Stefan Falke, Jeffrey Chock and Alex Smailes are published to give readers a photographic look at the two small Caribbean islands. They are all professional photographers, and all books are all hard cover for its Coffee Table appeal.

Jeffrey Chock's poorly printed book

In the case of the first two, carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, with one emphasizing the Keylemenjahro Moko Jumbies. For those who know the culture of Trinidad and Tobago they are a captured slice of life, and for those for whom the islands are an exotic fantasy, these books offer photographs that show why in all its exaggerated splendor! The most creative compositional interpretations coming from the book by Stefan Falke, who manages to bring a striking sense of novelty to his subject matter. Now available a bit of nostalgia from the eye of three photographers. - Adele

Stefan Falke's Moko Jumbies - The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad, 2004.

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