Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Best Of The Worst

A poster of the Soca Warriors Football Team painted on a glass front, Eastern Main Road, Trinidad and Tobago.

This window painting has a peculiar interpretation of the Soca Warriors Football Team and it is an attempt by an artist to give support with all his heart. It is also to promote the slogan, We going Germany. Papa Scratch is the proud man behind this work which is a store front window. Scratch has managed to paint two football players, numbers 0 and 9 with very muscular legs. As shown, the players are jostling to retain control of the ball in their attempt to score a goal. The football net on the other hand seems to brushed off to the side and up against the white barrier fence by a gust of wind.

Then, a fan has thrown a ball into the field to distract these two players, Papa Scratch wants to score an extra by adding a second ball careening into the unprotected net. More frightening is the
pilot of a BWIA plane who has decided that he too wants to be part of the match and has diverted his flight towards the stadium field skimming over the heads of the spectators to get a better look. Oh who cares, it is Best Of The Worst.

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