Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Battle Of The Advertisers

Christopher Guiness animator 5 week project.

Between the World Cup matches there are a number of advertisements tailor made for the event. One is a very well drawn animation and the other is the typical over the top alcohol piece. The animation features a dreadlocked player aggressively going after a ball in a match. The dominant colours are red, white and black. The images move by as though on film as the vertical lines attest, and the wide format of the action frames are faced by two bands of green that goon to represent ‘B Mobile’ one of the telephone companies.

This advertisement is refreshing. The illustration is well rendered and the timing of the frames are well thought out and just enough to be impacting.The other advertisement features what is termed, ‘the young and the beautiful’ 18 to 24 age range, an attempt at a cross section of the population. These people are seen at a football match and then at an up scale, trendy bar with their faces painted in the national colours. Our local ‘
Shakira” belly dancer features prominently.

Zapping into TV land

Angustura touts several of its products between the festivities. There is a public service AIDS advertisement featuring three local‘artists’ locally pronounced (art-easts) and as mattering of furniture and food ads using the football theme. The most creative being one where spectators at home are criticizing the game and end up in the television, on the field, scoring a goal. The advertisement is not as smooth as it should be, but it is one of the more memorable of this World Cup presentation and better of the cheaper and simpler ads. - Adele

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