Friday, June 02, 2006

Auntie Kay's Bermudez Biscuit jingle

Bermudez Biscuit Company's famous West Indian cracker called Crix shown here on a billboard, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Bermudez Biscuit Company jingle

On Sunday in the 1970's and1980's at lunchtime there used to be a show on the radio called Auntie Kay. It was a children’s show where recitations, singing and oration was encouraged. What was particularly striking about the show was the theme song. One of Auntie Kay's signature items was her eloquence in grammar, this always struck me as ironic because the theme song was filled with slang. I have tried to recall the words and know that I have muddle up some of Bermudez's range of products.

Bermudez Biscuit's logo on those large tins

But the jest of the song is as follows:

Bermudez Biscuit Company, In the island of Trinidad ,is a haven to everybody and it make the children so glad. At home at school or vacation, Biscuits to suit the occasion.I know you bound to agree They bake biscuits with varietyTell them Bermudez does bake Mopsie Bermudez does bake DicksieVanilla Cookie ( I took years to understand what thegirl who sang this part was saying, it used to sound garbled and I thought it sounded like funny mapopie!) Make some Crix sandwich for me please O Yes Bermudez does bake???Bermudez does bake??? For the big and small You can't stop Bermudez at all Bermudez! - Adele

Listen to an interpretation by Adele 347kb wav format

New Crix tins as drums


Anonymous said...

Hence the reason for the show, which i rather enjoyed. (The irony of the song)

Anonymous said...

This jingle brings back memories. The parts that you missed I have included {O Yes Bermudez does bake Rough Top, Bermudez does bake Domino


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