Monday, May 01, 2006

A Wife's Tale For Extra Everlasting Love

An oyster vendor on the streets of Trinidad, West Indies

The man to the left of you is ready for some lovemaking. What he is waiting on is for a boost and the oyster vendor has the concoction of raw oysters pickled with pepper, vinegar, salt and lime to do the trick. One prepared, the concoction is consumed with one or two gulps. To locals in Trinidad and Tobago, this is an aphrodisiac and as soon as you drink it, you are overcome with a tingling sensation throughout your body as it prepares itself for some extra everlasting love.

Danny around the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Everywhere in the world there are aphrodisiacs that are sought out mostly by men and a few women. Scary stuff like the horns of the Rhinoceros, or testicles of a bull. In Trinidad and Tobago, one of the sexual tonics of choice is oysters pronounced “oye-stairs.” You can get oysters around our famous Queen's Part Savannah. What is striking about the oyster vendor is the look and nature of the selling of the product. First of all, I’ve found to be a little thin unkempt Indian man. He can be seen wiping down his folded table with a rag that once may have been white, but now a matted to a grayish brown black colour.

A concoction

There are many glasses of water. Glasses those are similar to those old fashion ones used for alcohol. It is essential to mention the flambeaux- a bottle of oil topped with a flaming cloth wick Next to these numerous glasses are a pile of already opened oysters. A testimony to the popularity of the product and next to the unshelled oysters is a knife and sometimes two to three types of pepper.As a child, I was so curious about the oyster vendor that I begged my Dad to try one. Needless to say I was not prepared for the taste. I remember tasting the pepper and the wateriness and grit of the oyster. Then my eyes watered, my throat rebelled and my tongue went, “Yuck”: and I spat it out. I did not understand the attraction, but of cause many years later I realized it had nothing to do with taste but results. - Adele

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