Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sex Drunk Here

"Looking for a drunk panman to fock," A large temporary Carnival billboard around the Savannah, Port of Spain

Three years ago I gave an alcoholic beverage advertising assignment to my class that was predominantly female, only to find that the most objectified, sexist solutions came from the girls in the class. For the class critique I had to spend almost all of it asking where and why they would consider such options for such a product. The conclusion was that they were so familiar with advertising for alcohol being about women that they felt that they needed to stay with the status quo for sales

Oh, ping pong meh nah

Well it is now several years later and I am driving along Ariapita Avenue, look up and see a girl sitting in a pan with her wet hair and head pushed back in ecstasy under the text for White Oak Rum. This gaveway to a much bigger banner of girls all in torn tee-shirts with steelpans between them looking coquettishly down as the traffic flows around the savannah. Over the years I have seen many types of advertising at carnival time for alcohol that really pushes the envelope of sex and these are by far not the most tantalizing or shocking. I have even seen attempts to discuss responsible drinking.

I want you to get drunk and molest me!

Sadly this year I did not see any responsible drinking advertisements about and if there were any, I’d like to know. What is clear in these sexy colour images though is that the run of the brown skin calendar girl is far from over and when football madness starts, out shall trot this type of advertising all over again.- Adele


Terms and meaning

Ping pong - The sound that comes from the steeldrum

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