Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Portrait For Your Charity

A portrait of a barber by Sheldon Aberdeen, a young man who canvasses anyone willing to be sketched at a moment's notice, Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies.

Under the circumstances in which people find themselves on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago, one thing is clear, they all believe in self preservation and the freedom to roam and live wherever they wish. There are a number of street characters performing their bag of tricks unto a wary public. Near the traffic lights in St. James, you'll catch a older man bowing and clasping his hands as if he was pleading for mercy. Give him eye contact and you are batted. A deed which would earn some loose change and then he would walk away quite normally checking his reward. Others are bold face enough to ask for $5.00 dollars after receiving $1.00. Then, there are the brawny types who look as if they were in a gym working out for 24 hours, seven days a week. This shows the marvel of the human body as it is exercise not diet that can produce a rippled look.

The homeless man lounges on the pavement as if it was a mirage and envisions himself in a hammock carelessly swaying between two Coconut trees on a tranquil white sandy paradise called Trinidad and Tobago. Note the semi comfortable tyre chair with a wheel rim as a headrest.

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