Thursday, March 16, 2006

Drivers Nationwide - It's Kite Season

Canvassing in lane

A hustler selling kites at a major intersection in Trinidad, West Indies

At this major intersection which branches to San Fernando,Trinidad, drivers are generally caught in deadlock traffic and this is an idea opportunity for the Highway vendor to canvas his assortment of nuts, drinks, car accessories and toys. These people risk their lives everyday by precariously walking, skipping and darting through moving traffic in the hope that a driver may have an urge to buy.

A member from the Bobo Shantis preparing to sell nuts, Eastern main road, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Drivers solicited by Chinese made merchandise or fruit that are in season. There is a list of some odd items.

1. Plastic windmills
2. Steering wheel covers
3. Mobile phone covers
4. Plastics kites (currently in season)

5. Fruits in season
6. Fresh seasoning
7. Nuts and Cashews – The Bobo Shantis community
8. Pickled fruit
9. Cold drinks

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