Friday, March 10, 2006

Communicating In Your District

Communicating in your district the best way I can; Manure manure manure

These devices are loud speakers mounted on top of a car and it is a rare form of advertising while traveling throughout the rural regions of Trinidad and Tobago. In the distance you will hear the screeching unrecognizable message broadcast over the large speaker cones such as the ones on this Mazda sedan. The noise can be deafening, but as the vehicle approaches, the tinny music or spoken words follow the rule that speed and time from two traveling points either speeds up or slows down in pitch. Generally it is an Indian wedding, funeral, shoe sale, fresh fish, manure or to remind you of your constitution right to vote during elections on a very early on Sunday mornings.

A sample of the rhythmic modulation broadcast on the weekend: Fresh manure manure manure... Fresh manure manure manure.. Fresh manure manure manure.....manure manure manure.

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