Monday, January 16, 2006

Soca Chutney Countdown

Saga boy posing between two blinking hubs, singing about driving. “I driving too hard and bend up she bummer, and damage she chassis.”

German car manufacturers must be in there glee in blink when in comes to music videos. Customised black Mersedes and BMWs blink with their rotating rim caps and campy pimpish interiors. What luck to rent or borrow one for these cars for a local chutney MTVorised video.

This is the replacement video from the countdown. He is actually the brother of the star’s who’s new video has not been released. There are really no words to translate what he was singing other than uttering a low mumble

Devi dance sequence a must in any Soca Chutney Video

What Impression is this? no words to translate the lyric

These indoor discothèque video shots are surprisingly similar to the texture and feel to music videos costing millions of dollars from other artists such as Madonna.

Star boy Karma returns with a new video with men in background showing how they could wine

Karma proposing to a lifestyle of winning and Soca Chutney pimping for your life, nothing comes between husband and wife

Red-Indian living together in a Soca Chutney harp
Learn more about the roots of Chutney


The Trinidad Aesthetic quote:
Maco: One who minds the business of others for the purpose of gossip.
Saga boy: Being boastful of his or her physical attributes

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