Monday, January 23, 2006

Panty World and High Self-Esteem

Jenannlyds - Shop till you drop, Eastern main road, Trinidad

Here comes another strangely compelling window display and signage. The name of the store is difficult to read because the sign painter assumed that double and tripling the colour around thet ext would make it ’bigger’ and more noticeable. The store boasts fashionable shoes, clothing, cosmetics and accessories and for some reason very roomy panties that they go out of their way to display in wirehoops, just so that the passer by can see just how much they support the fuller figured woman. Actually many stores in Port of Spain use wire frames to show that tube top dresses and flared Polyesterblend pants can stretch to unimagined widths. Topped only by the equally wide bodied ladies one can see around the country in lime green trousers with matching bag and shoes, sometimes a bit of the colour also streaked into hair resembling a Pineapple at its freshest.

Panty World

These women have high self-esteem and show it. They even go as far sometimes as powdering their d├ęcolletage with a smattering of powder. I’ve been told that this signifies having bathed recently andjust gotten dressed. When open this store sells even more than the sign boasts and has been there for as long as I canremember on Barataria Main Road, slowly becoming athing of the past, or maybe not necessarily so, as the panties suggest. - Adele

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