Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Blessing Hair Luxury and Yes Tyres, Eastern main road, Trinidad West Indies

I saw a girl in Port-of-Spain whose hair was very nicely braided. I asked her who did it and she told me. So I decided to go to that person.I had been going to that person for a year when an incident happened at the salon that I could never have expected.I knew that two of the women did not get along well with each other. One of the women was very trendy and looked like one of America’s famous rappers and the other was overweight and the antithesis of the first one.

I do not recall how the ‘beef’ began. I do know that it was very small and petty, but as petty things go, they can get under the skin no matter how big you may think you are. On the day in question, my hairdresser was doing my hair in long extended braids, and I was sitting down, expecting the eight hours to drag on. That was as much as I expected. Miss Large and in charge came over to my hairdresser, whom I shall call miss (Quiet reason) and said that she was aware that Miss Rapper was claiming that she, large and in charge had stolen her small curling iron. Ms. Large and in charge said that this was stupidness and that she knew that she always had a mark on her curling irons, so Miss Rapper was being a fool if she thought that she would stoop so low as to steal something so trifling, far less from her.

About an hour later Miss Rapper came over to my hairdresser and softly relayed to her that she believed that Miss large and in charge had stolen her curling iron and that she could prove it. Miss Quiet reason said that she felt that they should either talk about it with each other or forget about it, because from time to time people did borrow each others stuff, although usually they would say, and that it must have been a misunderstanding.I thought that that went pretty well, and I settled back in my seat. Well, an hour passed and both women were squaring off about the curling iron on either side of me with Miss Quiet reason in the middle. It did not end their! Miss Large and in charge went for the curling iron to prove that it was indeed her property. She stated that that she always put a tiny scratch mark on her property. Much to my shock and complete disbelief, Miss Rapper who had earlier agreed that she was God fearing and above pettiness and would let it go, decided then and there to grab the curling iron and a tussle ensued.

Curling iron tussle

Now can you imagine one woman at least two hundred pounds and another about one hundred and thirty pounds fighting over a curling iron. What made matters worse was that Miss Rapper, Miss God fearing, above pettiness, began to curse in the foulest language I have ever had the misfortune to hear from a woman. I actually had to intervene and say that this was a place of work and that their behavior was unprofessional. This actually prompted Miss large and in charge to develop ‘shame.’ As she made it very clear to me that she did not want me to lose respect for her. By then Miss Rapper had stormed out of the salon, having sworn up and down that she was above everyone and everything in the place. In all of my years of going to get my hair done I haven ever experienced anything like that, nor do I hope to ever experience it again. Needless to say, both women ended up leaving the salon.

PS: When I went back several weeks later, after Miss Quiet reason called me and apologized and asked me to come back, it turned out that Miss Rapper came back to the salon the next day and admitted that she had made a mistake and that the curling iron was not hers after all.- Adele

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