Sunday, December 18, 2005

Biennale Trinidad - Lego Block Site Specific Public Art 3

On the Offshore, Trinidad, West Indies

This public installation at the Art Trinidad Biennale 2005 has a resemblance to a Lego Building Block. Using a minimalist approach, rows of coloured freight containers are strategically stacked and placed together in a grid formation. This is work in transition, and during the course of the week, some of the freight units are moved in and out by a mechanical device such as a forklift, thus literally exposing pockets of concave and convex crevasses.

No Luc Deleu's arch of freight containers"Spy Bank" but a grander use of containers

What's unique about the installation is that it resembles the bars and blocks of a Piet Mondrian painting. Lines of Geometric Abstraction and Cubism gives an Illusion of parallel points in space which are contained here by the boundaries of a heptagon wire mash fence. The installation is particularly beautiful at dust where the shadows are more prominently cast on the gravel landfill tarmac.

Bars of colours in a landscape of transport containers

Freight containers as Art have been used before by artists, not for the size but its ergonomic or its functional use. Transport or mobile, they can contained objects or compartmentalized itself or become a mini storage building or in the future, avant-garde cities.


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